Online Data Science Notebook with smart coding assistance.
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Explore, compute, visualize, and share

Data Collection and Exploration, Machine Learning, and Interactive Visualization are easier with Datalore. Start your Python Data Science project alone or with a team, no setup required.

Ready to run with best DS tools

Run Python code directly in your browser. Popular data science libraries such as NumPy, scikit-learn, Matplotlib, and TensorFlow are preinstalled. Work with familiar Jupyter Notebooks and describe your thoughts with Markdown and LaTex.

Intelligent Python code editor

With powerful coding assistance, code completion, inspections, refactorings, automatic quick-fixes, useful hints, and API documentation right at your fingertips, you won't need to use an IDE or text editor.

True collaboration

Work on a notebook together with your team in real time. Built-in version control tracks your changes, and when your work is done you can publish your notebook as a static report to share your insights.

Next-generation kernels

Avoid unnecessary recalculations with a Datalore experimental kernel. Reactive mode updates cell outputs on the fly and provides a responsive coding experience. Or if you want to stick to classics, choose IPython kernel to run and create Jupyter Notebooks.


Community Plan

  • General-purpose medium computational instance
  • 3 parallel computations
  • 120 hours of free computations per month
  • 10 GB of storage

Professional Plan

  • Access to GPU and extra CPU instances
  • More parallel computations
  • More hours of computations per month
  • More storage
Coming soon

Enterprise Plan

  • On-premises installation
  • Unlimited parallel computations
  • Unlimited computations per month
  • Unlimited storage